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leaders’ information


Welcome Trip Leaders,

We know how much time and energy is given when working in youth ministry. We thank you for taking a week of your summer to serve with your youth on a S.L.A.M TRIPS mission trip!

This page is designed just for you! As you look around, you will find information that is vitally important to the success of your trip. We have included all of the pieces that you will need to plan, prepare, and stay safe throughout your time in the Yakama Nation.

Please be sure that you have downloaded and completed all necessary forms on each participant and your church; distributed adult leader guides, packing lists and clothing policies to your group; and interacted with all of our cultural and community information packets in order to prepare your team.

We are excited to meet you and share this experience! Our hope is that you come with a flexible and a teachable spirit and an eager heart, and that you connect with Creator, your students and the reservation community in meaningful ways this summer!

We know that the paperwork pieces of a mission trip can get overwhelming! If you have any questions on paperwork or need help with travel plans, please contact Amanda at 509.930.7558, through our contact form or via email amanda@mendingwings.net.