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Why We Do It


For over a decade, we have been watching youth groups come to our reservation on drive-by mission trips. It seems that they have come, not primarily as learners, but as teachers. They have come to teach us before they have ever earned a place among us to be heard. They have come wrapped up in that old missiological model that has not worked among our people for the last 500 years!

We at S.L.A.M. Trips want to offer your group an opportunity to wrap yourselves up in a different way of doing missions. We invite you to our reservation as learners and listeners to show the love of Yeshua to our people through what you do, not through what you say; to listen to our stories and theologies; to receive and to give; to let healing happen from our histories; to be immersed in our culture and participate in indigenous worship; and then to see the power of Creator God at work through all of us.

Join us in an opportunity to immerse your students in a cross-cultural setting without ever having to leave the country! We want to partner together to develop an attitude of mutuality and not superiority with one another. It is our hope that your group will build relationships and receive teachings on our reservation that extend beyond their comfort zone and work in them to develop servants’ hearts and an appreciation for a new culture.