Parents’ information

Welcome, Parents, to your page!

We are very honored and excited that your student will be visiting our reservation through a S.L.A.M. Trip. We hope that our website will assist you as you help prepare your student for this trip. If we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to call Annaweinita Miller our director at 509-930-7558.

We want to be available for you and your student during their planning process. You may also contact your students’ Youth Pastor or leader for questions regarding their service and learning trip.

Check out our FAQs to learn more about cost, lodging, activities, and more!

Student Safety

Safety on the Rez:

We want you to rest assured that safety is our #1 priority for your child. We have firm boundaries and procedures in place to make sure that safety happens, such as:

Boundaries – The director and interns have been trained and informed of the boundaries and are responsible for ensuring that each person on this trip knows them as well. We are strict in holding people accountable to the boundaries that are set because we know our reservation and community better than the attendees—where is safe and where is not.

Traveling Buddies – Participants are asked to always travel in groups of no less than two. Students should always have an adult leader present when away from the church-housing site. This includes, but is not limited to, work sites, evening activities, pow-wow’s or walking to the store.

Adult leaders will be given the phone numbers and directions to the nearest hospital (our valley has three). The medical release form filled out by each youth and adult leader is sufficient for entry into a U.S. emergency room.

Disciplinary Measures
Every youth is required to sign a Team Covenant before coming on a S.L.A.M. TRIPS. Each student agrees to fully participate in the activities of the week and follow the guidelines put in place by the staff. The actual discipline of the students will be left to adult leaders of each group. If there is a severe disciplinary situation that arises that the staff feels is disrupting the ethos of the trip for the other participants and/or has put them in danger, then that student will be required to return home immediately at the expense of his or her parent or guardian. We sincerely hope that such a problem never occurs, and to date it hasn’t. We will work closely with that students adult leaders before making such a decision.
Drugs, Alcohol and Weapons Policy
Alcohol, illegal drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden at SLAM TRIPS! Anyone (leaders or youth) in possession of such substances or weapons will be sent home immediately. To ensure the safety of participants, we request that any prescription drugs and other medications be held in the custody of an adult leader, to be distributed at the appointed times.
Harrassment and Abuse Policy
We prohibit any form of sexual harassment, bullying, physical or sexual abuse at any time during your students stay. We will investigate any allegations of such misconduct in accordance with applicable law.